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David Read, PMP
Montreal, Quebec

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I was born during the post modern era, when cars ran on gasoline, the family television sat in the living room , preserved food was stored in cans and some New Yorkers traveled underground by subway. Not so many decades ago you may think, but long enough for me to get to where I am today.

After successfully leaving the birthing room, I have been busy with a range of activities. Some of these activities were successes, others challenges. All of them, no matter their importance, got me to where I am today.

I grow up in the northeast corner of London, Ontario where I walked to school, swam at the downtown YMCA pool on Saturdays and watched cartoons at lunch during my youth. After elementary school came high school then university. I enjoy learning.

After graduation with a BA in psychology and an interest in cognitive studies, I accepted a teaching position in Poland. Opportunities were everywhere with the opening of Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. Successfully completing two years in Poland, a teaching postion brought me to China, first to Shijiazhong, a town a couple of hundred kilometers south of Beijing and then to Quingdao, home of a seaside resort and brewery – Tsingtao. The years abroad were rewarding. I enjoy cultural experiences.

Since 1997 I have resided in the Villeray quarter of Montreal, Quebec. My first two years were spent establishing my footing. I obtained a certificate as a Programmer Analyst and switched career paths entering IT in the late 1990s. I have spent every year since in the Information Technology industry. I have worn such hats as: support analyst, web programmer, consultant, technical writer, business analyst and project manager. The IT career path has allowed me to build on my humanist side and organizational skill base. I enjoy people and technology.

My after hours activities are many and varied. My energy driven pursuits include: Spinning vinyl, shooting film, picking Ukulele strings or capturing audio waves in the field as a Foley artist. When I am not pushing my creative envelop, I enjoy mingling with friends, sharing a laugh or relaxing on the porch with my loving wife and furry dog buddy. I enjoy my life.

Here are some additional facts, although not in any particular order or magnitude:

  • Lived in Windsor, Ontario. East, south and west of the Ambassador bridge.
  • Rode the unicycle since I was sixteen
  • Have an inkling that the Mayans ran out of tablets and stopped the calendar at 2012
  • Have a collection of maps from all over the globe
  • Prefer almost any ice cream flavour* to chocolate cake (*Excluding Rum & Raisin)
  • Bicycled in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, China, USA and Canada
  • Laid all seven tiles in one Scrabble play, more than once
  • Flown to Zurich and Helsinki, on separate trips to Europe
  • Never understood the ending to 2001 Space odyssey

There are more career achievements, personal adventures and long tales, but this high level summary and bullets presents a taste of who I am and what makes me - ME.


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